Pets & Critters

Pets & Critters

Tiger Wire has solutions for damage caused by Pets & Critters

Tiger Wire Screens are guaranteed not to rip or tear from pets & critters. Our pet proof screen system and critter guard can be used in residential applications and commercial/industrial applications to avoid damage caused by pets & critters. Tiger Wire Screens are used in homes, restaurants, golf Courses, marinas, parks & recreation departments, municipal buildings & grounds, highrise apartments, condos, storage and warehouse buildings, equipment and machinery, maintenance rooms and more. Our screens are customizable for any application, minimize maintenance and repair costs, and the clean design add to seamless visual integration.


Catio - Cat Patio

Tiger Wire Catio

The Tiger Wire Catio lets your pet experience the outside world from indoors



Pets & Critters | Guaranteed Pet Proof Screens

Guaranteed Pet Proof Screens

Pet Proof Screens by Tiger Wire Screen Systems® deliver exceptional durability and value for your home or development.



Pets & Critters | Critter Guard: Vandal & Pest Barriers

Critter Guard: Vandal & Pest Barriers

Let the fresh air in and keep pests out with Critter Guard by Tiger Wire


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