Critter Guard

Tiger Wire Screen Systems® Pet Proof Screens and Critter Guard

Tiger Wire Critter Guard keeps pests out!

Critter Guard: Vandal & Pest Barriers

Let the fresh air in and keep pests out with Critter Guard by Tiger Wire

Tiger Wire Critter Guard offers the highest quality protection from outdoor pests, vandals and critters. The durability and quality of materials used in Tiger Wire Screen Systems® products are a good fit for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Houses, Apartments and Condo’s can also benefit from this durability.

Window, door, porch, decking, venting or custom designed systems will offer functional quality, durability, and maintenance savings.

From traditional applications to custom panels or enclosures where deterring vandals or keeping critters out are the primary goals with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the view and ventilation.

Benefits using Tiger Wire Critter Guard (residential, commercial or industrial):

  • Customizable for your application
  • Minimize maintenance and repair costs
  • Clean design adds to seamless visual integration

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