Commercial & Industrial Screens


Commercial & Industrial Screens

The durability and quality of materials used in Tiger Wire Screen Systems® products are a good fit for a wide range of commercial and industrial screen applications.

Businesses and investment properties can benefit from window, door, porch, or custom designed commercial & industrial screens that offer functional quality, durability, and maintenance savings.

From traditional door and window applications to moveable barrier panels or custom enclosures where separation of space and ventilation are needed.

  • Tiger Wire commercial & industrial screens are customizable for your application
  • Tiger Wire commercial & industrial screens minimize maintenance and repair costs
  • Clean design of Tiger Wire commercial & industrial screens add to seamless visual integration


Commercial & industrial screens by Tiger Wire Screen Systems® are used in many industries including: Restaurants, Golf Courses, Marinas, Parks & Recreation Departments, Municipal Buildings & Grounds, HiRise Apartments, Condos, Storage and Warehouse Buildings,  Equipment and Machinery, Maintenance Rooms and more…

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